Walking the Manor

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Born and raised in the Royal Docks, Anne grew up believing that it wasn’t possible for working class kids like her to make a career in the arts. As a young woman, she found a welcome at Theatre Venture, based in the Tom Allen Centre in Stratford where she put her heart into the community theatre they produced. Without formal training or connections in the arts she instead chose a career in the public sector, in social housing. At 52, Anne enrolled in university for the first time and went on to receive a First-Class Honours Degree in Creative Writing.

Now, she is particularly interested in writing stories about women. The activities of the docks she grew up in are usually entirely illustrated by pictures of men operating cranes and unloading boats. Anne is most interested in telling the overlooked stories of the army of women behind them, keeping their homes, bearing their children, and often working outside the home too. The mothers, aunts, sisters and wives who kept the world running so the men could be part of history.

Walking The Manor is performed by Linda Broughton. Audio description voiced by Carla Langley. 

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